Our Networks
Global Network of Freight Partners
Countries represented by partners

Middle East : Dubai ,UAE ; Muscat,Bahrain,Kuwait,Qatar.

East Africa : Kenya,Uganda,Rwanda,Burundi,Tanzania

Southern Africa : Zambia,South Africa, Mozambique.
Door to Door shipments to DUR,JNB – South Africa

West Africa : Nigeria,Lome,D.R.Congo

India : Mumbai,Delhi, Kolkata,Chennai,Bangalore,Kochi,Hyderabad and other towns

South East Asia : Phillipines,Vietnam,Cambodia,Indonesia,Singapore,Malaysia,Laos,Myanmar.

Australia Door to Door Personal Effect of students returning home to Thailand

USA Shipments to USA East and West Coast, with special focus on DDU shipments and Out of Gauge Shipments.

UK and Europe Personal Effects Shipments for individual clients