Our Services
    Air Freights  
  Provides air freight service to worldwide destinations. Your shipments move on the next-available-flight-out basis and are routed for same-day departure. We can air freight anything from a small, time sensitive parcel to heavy equipment that requires expedited service. There are no weight or size requirements. However, we do have to comply with the aircraft specifications.  
    Sea Freight  
  We can maximize your routing and transit time options by managing all aspects of your ocean shipments, door-to-door, with ease, visibility and global reach. Choose from our flexible ocean freight services based on your timing, cargo size and equipment needs.

Full container load service
We offer monthly departures at competitive rates for full container load (FCL) shipments from all major ports around the world. By proactively monitoring your shipment, we provide status information that can help you to follow it anywhere, anytime.

Less-than-container load service
We provide monthly less-than-container load (LCL) departures between all major markets, managing every step to give you visibility throughout the process. Our consolidation services at our network of gateway facilities drive efficiencies.

    Sea-Air Freight  
  Our sea-air service is a timesaving and cost-saving transport mode for all shipments. It is 30 - 50% faster than sea freight and costs 20 - 30% less than airfreight. Just how much time or cost can be saved varies with different routes and ports of origin. This export service is available to all countries. The cargo is shipped from terminals in Dubai for expedited transfer to respective airports then shipped to destination airport.  
    Truck and Rail  
  Global Link handles your shipments with the dependability, experience and world-class customer service that you'd receive on a domestic shipment. Other border services include: Pickup/delivery to and from any Lao,Cambodia,Malaysia & Singapore location along the border including a broker, warehouse, or freight-forwarder  
    Door to Door  
  Door to Airport air freight service - provides daily departures to worldwide destinations. This service includes pick-up at origin city and aircargo transportation to the destination's airport. The consignee must arrange pick-up of the shipment at the airport. In the event of an international consignment, customs clearance is required and duties may apply. This must be arranged and paid by the consignee at destination. Door-to-Airport air freight charges may be prepaid or collect.

Door to Door Service - the shipment is handled from the shipper's warehouse or door, all the way to the recipient's location. We arrange customs clearance at destination and delivery. Custom duties, tariffs and/or taxes at destination are based on the commercial value of the shipment and is payable by the consignee or receiving party. All consignments are handled on a next-available-flight-out basis to ensure expedited delivery.

    Packing Services  
  When you need the extra protection for your valuable or sensitive pacel. We can provide a suitable package for you. Our packing services are including:

  - Heavy Packing - Household Packing
  - Vacuum Packing - Project handling & exhibition
  - Special Design Packing - Lashing
  - Automotive Part Packing - Shocking
  - Steel Packing - Wrapping
    Customs Clearance  
  Shipments are cleared faster, easier, and with less hassle. Whether you're exporting or importing, our experience will get your shipments cleared.

We have provided outstanding value and service on customs clearance of Thailand shipments. We handle your shipment every step of the way, eliminating third-party brokerage, so your routine customs clearance stays routine - quick, smooth, and dependable.

We clear every shipment with expertise and personal attention. Our customs brokerage experts are dedicated to monitor the latest import and export compliance laws and regulations.

    Warehousing and Packing Facilities  
  Console multiple suppliers goods for a single client for air or sea shipment and offer our warehouse space to store the goods pending shipment export. Console multiple clients goods by air and sea to Dubai, East African countries.

Our warehouse is located in the heart of the garment and ladies accessories market area Prathunam in downtown Bangkok, located very close to the other wholesale markets Bobae Tower and China Town.

We also arrange collection of goods from hotels, service apartments and wholesale markets for our clients. Arranging special packing services for regular goods, fragile goods, machineries and household items. We also arrange professional packers services for wooden crating and boxes, furniture's and high value goods.

    Value Added Services  
  • We provide services for all types of Export Documentations, Certificate of Goods Origin, Inspection Certifications, DG Documentations, etc.
  • Freight and logistics consultancy services – services offered by in house and outsourced consultants.
  • Interpreter's services in English or local languages.
  • Factory visits with salesman's escort.
  • Car hire services, hotel booking and money exchange facilitations.
  • Supplier co-ordination for order follow up and payments.
  • Sourcing goods from factories and suppliers.
  • Transportation: we provide all types of trailers, trucks , pick-ups sourced through our listed transport vendors.
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